Friday, June 25, 2010

Get your Caribana hair now!

If you're thinking about getting new hair for Caribana, remember, that is just one month away. DO IT NOW! I cannot tell you how many times people have been disappointed because they waited until the week of, or even 2 weeks before their wedding/vacation/photo shoot, or what have you. Often times we can get you what you want within a 2 week time frame, but remember with Caribana, it's not just you wanting new hair; it's you and EVERYONE else!

It's VERY important to care for your hair!

You would be surprised at some of the things I see that people have done to their hair, both grown on their head, and bought. ;-)

Using the proper shampoo and conditioner, as well as a periodic deep treatment is so important! If you want your hair to behave properly, then you have to treat it properly. It really doesn't make much sense to spend the money to purchase your hair, but then balk at spending $13 or $14 for shampoo and conditioner.

Regular washing of your hair is also very important. Not only does it add natural moisture to the hair, but it keeps the hair from developing any build up of products of natural hair oils that might prevent the hair from behaving. I've had many people tell me they are AFRAID of washing their hair. If you've had experience using BAD hair, then you can understand where they're coming from. With bad hair, the hair is often dipped in acid to remove the cuticles. This allows them to group hair together regardless of the natural cuticle direction. The hair is then dipped in silicone to make it appear smooth. When you wash your BAD hair the first time and remove that layer of silicone, the hair tangles and mats. The more you wash it, the more you wash off the silicone and the worse it becomes. With Miss MyMy hair, you don't have that problem. Our hair isn't dipped in anything. It's all natural, and the cuticles are in their natural direction. This means no tangling, matting, and YES, you CAN wash your hair. LOL

As silly as it might seem to most of you, I have to say it: PLEASE COMB YOUR HAIR! LOL You would be surprised...that's all I'm going to say on that matter. Use a wide toothed comb, and comb it out daily. You can use a bit of Miss MyMy hair serum to smooth it out a bit. You all know how much you love that serum!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss MyMy Welcomes Alicia and Natalie to the MyMy Team

It's been super busy here at Miss MyMy, with lots of new stuff going on. First let me introduce Alicia and Natalie to those of you who haven't yet made their acquaintance.

Alicia is my new stylist. In addition to her years of styling experience (doing weaves and wigs being her specialty) Alicia brings a very vibrant sense of style to the MyMy team. She also has years of personal experience with Miss MyMy hair.

Natalie is my new office manager/customer service/shipper receiver/ DO IT ALL GIRL! LOL She has many years of customer service under her belt, and prides herself on her professionalism.

I think I've definitely found the right fit to the MyMy family. You don't want to hear all the laughter going on these days. It's like we have our very own "Sex and the City" going on at Miss MyMy. These two fabulous ladies make being at work feel like I'm hanging out with a couple of my girlfriends. Fun, fun, fun is going on at Miss MyMy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Proper technique + Proper maintenance = Hair that lasts a long time and looks great too!

Here are some pictures of Maleeka with her 18' medium curl Fijian (full head) weave. Alicia, our new stylist, did a fantastic job on this weave, as you can see. With the Miss MyMy method of weaving hair, notice how natural the hair looks. If you look at the picture taken from the back, you can see that even if the wind blows, no one will see your tracks. You know what I mean ;-) I've included some pics of Maleeka with her hair pinned up so you can see the weave from a few different angles. Just gorgeous!!!

And for you folks who think that buying cheaper low quality hair that you can only use once is a better "deal", think about this: Maleeka has had this hair for over 18 months. See how great the hair still looks. With proper maintenance, Miss MyMy hair is a wise investment that you're sure to be happy with. Just ask Maleeka! Lookin' good girl...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wearing a Wig Has Not Damaged my Hairline!

I get asked all the time if wearing a wig will cause the hair at your hairline to fall out. Well, you all know I LIVE in wigs. Sometimes sewn in, sometimes not. I have been wearing wigs for YEARS! So, anyhoo, the other day I took my wig off, and wore my own hair for the day (gaaaasp! LOL). As I was styling the front of my hair in the mirror, it occurred to me that I wanted to post up some pics to show that my hairline is still very much intact!